The contractual relations are an integral part of our legal relationship. Agreement is a way to accept, approve and conclude certain conditions that must be fulfilled by the parties. In addition, non-fulfillment of these conditions is punishable under law. There are a huge number of types of agreements (Purchase and Sale, Supply, Gift, Lease, Exchange, Transportation, Loan, Hire, Work and Labor, Factoring, Agreement on the provision of services, Volunteer Assistance Agreement and many others), the signing of which is required by the applicable legislation. Quite often people have to sign of documents called agreements; but they do not often think about the essence of these agreements, their nuances and consequences for non-compliance. The way to negotiate correctly and draw up a working agreement is much cheaper than facing the consequences of effectless one, which is not fulfilled by the parties for various reasons, or under which it is impossible to apply mechanisms for bringing the parties to responsibility for failure to fulfill. All this is connected with flippant attitude to the drawing up of agreements. You have an agreement, but it is not being fulfilled, because the party initially planned to violate it, or because the party knows that it will not suffer any consequences for failure to comply. The agreement will help you avoid controversial situations to be resolved here and now, and not waste time and money in the courts. Agreement, which is drawn up in a correct manner, will give you the confidence in to transact your business. Moreover, if you are offered to conclude an agreement, do not sign it without consulting a lawyer. Sometimes, a period of time you take for analyzing and adjusting the agreement may save you time and money in the future.

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