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At initial stage, registration of a business depends on the correct choice of the organizational and legal form (LLC, ALC, JSC, sole proprietors, etc.) and the choice of KVED codes (classifier of types of economic activities). This is also applicable to the registration procedure for non-profit organizations that can carry out their activities in the form of CO, FBO, NGO, cooperative, condominium association etc. It is important to take legal advice at the beginning of registration in order to choose the model of the future business entity and the types of its activities. The future taxation system, in which the business or organization will operate, largely depends on this. Our company will help you to choose the right model for your business or organization and prepare all the necessary documents for its registration, with or without your participation. We have a special discount offer for conclusion of outsourcing agreement for accounting, human resources and legal services for companies and organizations registered by us. In addition, we provide services for the transfer of corporate rights, amendments to the statutory documents of companies and non-profit organizations, as well as help to protect the rights and legitimate interests in relations with other business entities and governmental authorities. The dissolution of business, enterprise or organization is a separate procedure that our law office will help you to carry out. We provide services for the creation of a dissolution commission, participation of a commissioner, participation in tax and other audits in order to dissolve a business. These and many other services related to business registration, its operation, transfer or dissolution, you can order in our Law firm ‘‘Strategy’’.

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