Credits Disputes

A credit lawyer is the most important tool for protecting your rights in debt collection. The current situation in the field of lending to individuals has reached a critical point, when banks and credit cooperatives have a huge client base, among which a significant part of clients are included in “black list”. Nowadays, people face the necessity to take out loans for buying consumer electronics, traveling, paying for medical services and other needs. The economic situation in the country is unstable, and the unemployment rate has an impact on the well-being of citizens. Unfavorable economic factors have direct effect on the repayment ability of the population, including payments under loan agreements. Sometimes the situation come to a deadlock, and the lender, instead of looking for a compromise as for the repayment of the loan, decides to fight with their own clients. Therefore, it is so important to be protected at this moment and contact a credit lawyer. Sometimes the methods of lenders are connected with a psychological impact on the borrower, his/her family members and acquaintances. Moreover, they use methods that may be considered illegal. With such a difficult situation, it is difficult to preserve your rights and send the dispute to its legal resolving. Violation of your rights may be related to both interference in your personal life and unlawful demands of the creditor to return the debt in the amount, which is larger than one established by the agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine. Borrows are not aware of their rights very often, what inevitably leads to negative financial consequences for them. Recently, the practice of collecting debts using a notary’s executive note has become more popular. A bank or other creditor receives this note in an indisputable manner and present it for execution. Our credit lawyers offer solution of this problem and comprehensive protection in the field of debt collection.

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