Family and Inheritance

The cases related to legal relations within the family are very often accompanied by an emotional perception of the situation; therefore, it is important to seek a profession advice when dealing with family problems. A family lawyer is a person who also takes the customers’ emotions upon himself. The ability to empathize and worry is for psychologists, but lawyers sometimes have to deal with this. At a time when you are experiencing a crisis related to divorce, the loss of a beloved person or violence, it is difficult to deal with legal paperwork. Sometimes people get stumped when applying for social benefits, obtaining the status of a single mother, recovery of alimony, recognizing a family member as legally incapable (or legal capacity restoration), determining the child’s place of residence etc. A statement of claim for the recovery of alimony, divorce, division of property, determination of the child’s place of residence will help you in protecting your rights through a court action. The effective preparation and submission of an application largely depends on knowledge of the legal provisions in the field of family, civil legal relations, as well as the application of procedural rules. Family lawyers / defense lawyers will help you dealing with these difficult tasks.

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