Intellectual Property

The field of intellectual property is very broad and has many aspects. From registration of copyrighting rights for novel, story etc., and up to registration of a patent for an invention. Intellectual property rights will allow you becoming the full owner of your invention, utility model, industrial design, and declare it to the rest of the market participants, by contacting them with a commercial offer to use your creation, a written claim to prohibit use or a lawsuit demanding material compensation. It is important to have registered rights to your brand, trademark etc. in modern world of constant, rapid development of economic relations. This is what will ensure your uniqueness and protect your business from violation by third parties. Registration of a trademark involves the choice of the country of registration and classes in accordance with the International Classification of Goods and Services. Before starting this procedure, it is worth considering the signs of the uniqueness and recognition of your brand in order to pass the stages of the relevant examinations successfully. We will help you correctly determine the timing and cost of services for registering a trademark, depending on the country of registration of the brand and its classes.

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