Real Estate

It is necessary to avail oneself of real estate lawyer services at any stage in this field. We will help you to register your real estate correctly: transfer or accept through a sale and purchase transaction, gift, exchange, lease, temporary free use, etc. Timely qualified assistance will provide you with the reliable protection from various kinds of unwanted aspects in the field of real estate registration. The specialists of law firm ‘‘Strategy’’ carry out a verification of several stages prior to the transaction; also, they will accompany you at all its stages. We help with construction and commissioning of the real estate, provide assistance in the preparation of technical documents and documents of ownership of residential and non-residential real estate. A point to keep in mind is that timely appeal to a lawyer will provide you with high-quality, specialized legal assistance, minimize risks, and give you the opportunity to avoid problem situations in the future in the process of the real estate registration.

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